MBNL’s Health & Safety vision – Everyone goes home safe and well, every day

By Kerry-Anne Ellis, Senior HSEQ Programme Manager

As MBNL’s Senior HSEQ Programme Manager, Kerry-Anne Ellis is responsible for ensuring the company’s health & safety vision is delivered, keeping our sites and work locations safe for everyone, every day.

Safety is the number one consideration for MBNL.  Ensuring safety for all is embedded in the DNA of our management, colleagues and partner companies.  This is supported at the highest level by MBNL’s shareholders, EE and Three, who have endorsed MBNL’s five-year safety improvement plan which details our objectives and provides a clear vision to have everyone going home, without injury, at the end of every working day.

To lay the strongest of foundations for this ambition, MBNL hosted an opportunity for the exchange of ideas at a Strategic Supplier Day.  All attendees provided invaluable input and all our partners have committed to the MBNL Safety Charter.

The MBNL Safety Charter outlines a number of key principles which shape a safe working environment for all employees and partners, including:

  • Protecting all workers and the public from all health, safety and wellbeing risks associated with our operations
  • Best-in-class safety performance driving together towards zero harm
  • Raising the standards in our industry

More recently, MBNL’s HSEQ team has been leading a comprehensive Safety Improvement Programme, to support the principles of the Charter and to underpin the safety message.

Pivotal to the success of the programme is an ongoing systematic review of all policies and procedures to ensure they remain fit-for-purpose and are aligned to the industry-leading ISO45001 Occupational Health & Safety Standard.  This international standard for health and safety at work was developed by national and international standards committees and requires improved hazard identification and risk management, leadership and participation of workers.

As part of the programme, MBNL will be undertaking an annual safety culture survey, the first of which was conducted at the end of last year.  This survey aims to establish if safety is seen as being critical to all personnel visiting our sites.  The survey feedback is used to shape a “Site Safe, I’m Safe” framework and will ensure subsequent measures introduced are meaningful for the individuals working within the cell site environment.

A further initiative introduced by the HSEQ team has been our successful “See it, Say it, Report it” campaign to encourage employees and partners to report all incidents proactively, no matter how minor. Greater reporting provides improved visibility of what is happening in our various workplaces, on a day-to-day basis, and can help to prevent similar or more serious incidents from occurring in the future. The campaign has been running for less than a year but already it has had a significant impact, with numbers of reported incidents having substantially increased. It is clear, this does not mean there are more incidents happening now, rather that all staff recognise the value of reporting to facilitate continuing improvements.

MBNL’s HSEQ team continues to review and refine its Safety Improvement Programme and is committed to continually improving the on-site working environment for all.

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