We are here when you need us

We aim to treat all our site providers through a customer service lens and ensure all communication is handled professionally, following closely the guidance of the ECC Code of Practice.   First and foremost, we want to ensure that when you need us, you’re able to contact the right person/team at the right time, first time.

Here is some key contact information surrounding who you can contact in different circumstances, from site access to rental payment.  When contacting us, please quote the site address, postcode and cell reference number, whenever possible.

Site Access including day to day queries

For queries relating to site access, reporting on-site issues and incidents or if you have any questions concerning our apparatus at your property, please contact:

Email >
Telephone: 0118 9024222 option 1 then option 3

Power Queries & Power Outages

For queries relating to power taken from a site provider’s supply including any power consumption issues, please contact:

Email >

For queries relating to any power disruption or if you require us to temporarily turn off our equipment for works to take place, please contact:

Email >

Suspicious radio equipment on your property

For reporting any unknown/suspicious radio equipment on your rooftop/premises, please contact:

Email >

Rental Payments

For rental payment queries, including questions about a rent payment that is due or that has been received, please contact the MBNL Help Desk:

Email >
Telephone: 0844 902 3003

*Please note, if you are VAT registered, you will need to send us a VAT invoice by using the above email address.

Redeveloping your Land or Property

If you are considering any construction activity which you feel may impact our telecoms installations, please let us know by contacting propertyadmin@mbnl.co.uk. The earlier we are made aware of any plans, the quicker and easier it is to establish a mutually agreeable solution, which supports your construction timetable.

For all other queries, please contact: