MBNL Site Provider Survey 2021
Findings Summary

In December, we invited you to take part in our Site Provider Survey to give us feedback about your experience of interactions with our colleagues and partners regarding access to our telecoms sites.  Firstly, we’d like to express our thanks to everyone who took part.  The response we received is very encouraging.    We have been able to draw some interesting insights from the survey which signposts how our site providers/landlords are feeling about all aspects of interaction with MBNL and our partners.  We are pleased to share a brief summary of the survey findings here:

Who took part in our survey?

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The majority of our respondents are Independent Site Providers

What did we ask?

We asked about your experience when contacting our colleagues and partners with queries or issues relating to access to our telecoms sites on your property. Our questions focused on four key areas:

79% of our respondents were satisfied overall

Getting in touch with MBNL

Quality of interactions

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Ease of Getting in Touch

Quality of interactions

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Response Times
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Information Quality

Admin staff conduct

Visiting staff conduct & communications

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Administrative Staff Conduct

Visiting staff conduct & communications

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Visiting Staff Conduct

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On-site Communications by Visiting Staff

Respondents’ comments

We get good service from your team…the last major upgrade for 5G was done really well.

Getting to the right contact phone has not been easy otherwise everything is fine.

I am glad there is a good lone working policy and the staff take it seriously. The night time staff are always friendly.

We have received some very positive comments from some of the respondents we have contacted after the survey to further discuss their feedback and experiences with MBNL.

The approach you have made is really appreciated.

Thanks for your email and the conversation we had yesterday.  If you are able to come and see our site at some point when you are travelling around the country, we would be delighted to show you around!

Next steps

Your feedback is crucial to helping us understand where and how we can improve. We will continue to carry out regular surveys and will facilitate more opportunities for all our site providers to give feedback and ask questions. You can also share your thoughts with us anytime by taking the site provider experience survey on our website.

Alternatively, you can email landlords@mbnl.co.uk to contact us directly.

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