We are all ears – MBNL Compliments, Comments & Complaints Policy

MBNL takes pride in helping to build the UK’s digital future by being part of the solution to bring better mobile connectivity to every part of the country.  Together with our Shareholders EE and Three we strive to deliver excellence through our dynamic and passionate people, set industry-leading standards for service delivery, health and safety as well as security.

It matters to MBNL that everyone who has cause to interact with us are satisfied with their experience and trust the way we work.   We expect all our employees and partners to adopt principles of good engagement, treat everyone with respect and act professionally in accordance with OFCOM’s ECC Code of Practice.  Whilst we hope you never have any cause to complain to us, we do recognise that despite our best efforts, things may not go as planned from time to time, and we take all complaints very seriously when they do occur.

We are pleased to introduce a simple procedure for you to let us know of any complaints, comments or compliments you want to share with us.

Step 1:  Contact us by email or writing

Step 2:  We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint

Step 3:  We will undertake an initial fact-finding exercise relating to your complaint

Step 4:  Our dedicated team will then carry out a thorough investigation

Step 5: An appropriate course of remedial action will be identified once the investigation is complete

Step 6: Before closing the complaint, we will respond formally to you with the investigation outcome

We are committed to keeping you updated throughout this process and to deliver a timely response.  We believe each complaint deserves to be reviewed to allow for a thorough response. This process allows us the opportunity to take the correct steps to address any issues behind the complaint. We value every concern or complaint as each is an opportunity for us to improve the way that we work and deliver better experience for all involved in our operations.

As a valued member of our site provider community, MBNL would love to hear from you when we get things right or if we can do things differently, so please do contact us to share your experience and views.  The full policy can be viewed here.

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