Celebrating 10 years of 4G in the UK

30th October 2022 marks the ten-year anniversary of 4G coverage in the UK.  In 2012, 4G, the fourth generation of mobile technology, brought the full internet and application experience to mobiles for the first time, transforming not only the way we communicate but also how we go about our daily life.  The arrival of 4G ignited the application economy that now dominates the way that people communicate and conduct business.  From 1G to 5G, every mobile network generation delivers faster speed, better reliability and more functionality. Whilst many of us are still enjoying the high-quality connectivity provided by 4G, next generation 5G offers significant improvements to speed and quality and delivers more advanced functionality and application experience. As part of the UK’s mobile industry, MBNL is committed to bringing better connectivity to more places across the country as technology continues to evolve.

Highlights of some of the 4G firsts that showcased this unprecedented technological leap in mobile telecommunications:

* infographic by Mobile UK

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