By Juliette Wallace, Property Director

Welcome to the latest issue of MBNL InSite – the edition marking the arrival of autumn and the return to normal after the summer holiday season. I hope you have had an enjoyable summer and some time away to recharge as well.

As the nation and millions around the world mourn the passing of Her Majesty the Queen, on behalf of MBNL, I would like to pay our respects to her and express our gratitude for her unfaltering service to the country. As you would expect, our field engineers worked hard during the period of national mourning to restore sites where services had become unavailable for various reasons. As a result, more people throughout the country were able to watch the State Funeral remotely on their mobile devices.

At MBNL, we continue to deliver robust network performance to keep EE and Three’s customers connected. If you/your organisation have implemented or are planning on making changes on your property which may have implications on how we access our equipment, please do inform us of these. Your continued support is vital to enabling us to maintain high-quality connectivity for the country.

This issue of MBNL InSite opens with an update on how EE and Three have been strengthening the UK’s digital foundations by continuously investing in network improvements, bringing better connectivity to more places across the country. Linked to this, I’m very pleased to introduce Heather Clark, Head of Digital Projects at the City of Wolverhampton Council, as our guest contributor, to talk about the importance of connectivity to Wolverhampton and her role in assisting the rollout of digital infrastructure across the city. This issue also explores the significant potential of digital connectivity in helping councils and health care providers overcome the increasing challenges of delivering adult social care to their communities. From our MBNL team, Marc Smith, MBNL’s Health & Safety Manager, writes about his appreciation for our site provider community’s contributions to site safety and how site providers can continue to support MBNL to keep our sites safe for everyone. The newsletter ends with a note from our Community Relations Manager, Samantha Gray, on her team’s work in fostering a supportive relationship with site providers and MBNL’s aspirations to give back to the communities we work with.

Finally, a thank you to all the contributors to this issue of InSite. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as our authors have enjoyed writing the articles.

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