Over the past challenging year, mobile networks have been a lifeline for many in the UK by enabling us to stay connected and stay productive.  Lockdowns and social restrictions have impacted our connections with loved ones and friends, as well as the operations of businesses across the country.  Mobile networks have allowed us to carry on with our daily life throughout the pandemic.  As demands on our mobile networks have grown to new levels, the mobile industry is working hard to redress the balance, seeking to build out networks and provide new technologies like 5G to help communities kick-start their pandemic recovery.

Speed is of the essence.  To accelerate the progress and keep our network build-out rolling, the industry needs to engage with landowners of all shapes and sizes to agree contracts that allow for new infrastructure to be built and for existing infrastructure to be accessed, maintained and upgraded.

Infralink is led by infrastructure experts, the Scottish Futures Trust, and is funded by the Scotland 5G Centre. It has been established to improve the engagement between potential public sector landlords and mobile industry tenants in Scotland.

Infralink is seeking to smooth the process by establishing standardised tools and documentation, including all-important lease agreements for buildings and land across different areas of Scotland, to help all parties start off on a positive footing and accelerate negotiations.

Speed Up Britain and MBNL fully support Infralink’s efforts and will explore opportunities to work more closely with them to make the most of its innovative programme.  Our industry needs this kind of innovation to help maximise the potential from new technologies for bringing better connectivity to every part of the country.

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