We have recently received reports of unauthorised installations of radio devices found on rooftop sites hosting our telecommunications equipment. Our investigations discovered that such devices are “Helium Hotspot Miners” which are internet hotspot devices used for mining cryptocurrencies (digital currencies such as Bitcoin).

The owner/user of such a device earns monetary value in the form of digital currency by having the device live and connected to other similar devices in the area. As such the devices are typically installed at high locations, such as rooftops of tall buildings which often have telecommunications installations. Ofcom’s review concluded that the device itself is legal, however, the installation is likely to be deemed illegal as most of them are not set up professionally and as such may not comply with the relevant planning and health & safety regulations.

Due to the growing popularity of cryptocurrency mining, the use of such devices can be expected to become more widespread and subsequently more are likely to be installed in similar non-compliant manners.

These installations could pose potential health & safety risks and security threats to both residents of the building and workers who need to access the rooftop, including building maintenance personnel and our operational colleagues. We want to work with our Site Providers to keep our sites safe for everyone. Please support us by reporting any suspicious radio device installations at your rooftop/premises by contacting mbnlshqe@turntown.com. Our team can take the appropriate actions to ensure the integrity of the concerned sites.

Thank you