On the 29th April, MBNL successfully hosted its first Strategic Supplier Day dedicated to providing an open forum for MBNL and our operation and deployment partners to discuss and agree on our shared Health and Safety priorities, and how we can now move forward together to achieve our Health and Safety vision and goals for 2021-24. The event marked a key milestone in our Safety Improvement Programme, MBNL’s flagship initiative to drive continuous improvement in Health, Safety and Wellbeing standards and performances across all of our working locations. Our ultimate goal is to create a zero-harm workplace so “Everyone goes home safe and well, every day”.

We were absolutely delighted to have over 70 participants from our partners, our Shareholders, as well as MBNL, participating in the virtual event hosted by Ian Moreton, MBNL’s head of HSEQ.

MBNL’s Chairman, Patrick Binchy, and Interim Managing Director, Gervase King, kicked off the event sharing their passion and commitment to create a zero-harm workplace. Our Deployment Director Charlie Etherington shared some of the challenges and real possibilities we have to achieve that goal. Colleagues from our H&S team gave a comprehensive update on the progress we have made so far on site safety and plans in hand to further enhance our overall performance. Sally Sellers, our Director of H&S, Quality and People, presented our Safety Charter and invited everyone to commit, in principle, to this joint agreement.

As the day progressed our partners joined us in break-out sessions for discussion on what they thought the top Health and Safety issues were, as well as thinking about some of the ways that we could collectively work on resolving those issues. These sessions provided very valuable insight and sets the foundation for us working together to continuously improve our H&S standards and performances going forward.

Speakers at the event

Gervase King

Interim Managing Director, MBNL

Patrick Binchy

Technical Services Director, Three UK, MBNL Chairman

Sally Sellers

Director of H&S, Quality and People, MBNL

Charlie Etherington

Director of Deployment, MBNL

Ian Moreton

Head of H&S, Environment and Quality Management, MBNL

Max Sholl

Senior H&S Manager, MBNL

Adam Simpson

Senior H&S Manager, MBNL

Patrick Binchy, MBNL’s Chairman, said during his keynote at the event: “The Zero-Harm approach has been discussed and agreed at board level and we are absolutely committed to supporting that.”

Sally Sellers, MBNL’s Director for Health & Safety, Quality and People, remarked after the event: “It was fantastic to see that 97% of our partners at the event immediately committed to join us on this exciting journey, and commit to our Safety Charter as an indication of our shared vision.”

Ian Moreton, MBNL’s Head of Health & Safety, Environment and Quality, and host of the event, said: “I know that realising our vision to have a zero-harm workplace for all employees will not happen overnight. It will take a determined and uncompromising effort to achieve our goal. Our partners’ contribution to this process is critical, and we thank everyone across our entire supply chain for their ongoing support and commitment.”

Feedback from our partners

“Great to have an event with clear support from the senior management within MBNL and the Shareholders. The break-out sessions were very beneficial, providing a forum for open discussion.” Beacon Communications

“It was good to hear our peers’ perspectives on their issues as well as our customers’. The break-out sessions in particular were collaborative and informative. Overall an enjoyable day.” WHP

“The presentations were clear, positive and extremely well delivered by all from MBNL. I really enjoyed the break-out sessions and the chance to discuss ideas, problems, solutions and to listen to other people’s views. Excellent day attending this virtual forum.” Ericsson