industry communications framework

MBNL is delighted to be part of an initiative led by the Department of Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS).  The initiative commenced with a number of workshops bringing together site providers and telecoms organisations to discuss the challenges faced by the industry in providing and maintaining connectivity across the UK.

The workshops have led to a consensus that a new Telecoms Communications Framework is required to promote best practice across the industry.  The Framework will work in conjunction with the OfCom Code of Practice and will provide guidelines on how Operators, site owners, and the wider telecoms community should communicate with each other.  Improved communication between all parties, whether in relation to the search for a new site location or maintaining existing sites, will ensure better connectivity can be rolled out across the country more quickly and efficiently, and in turn support the Government’s digital ambitions.

MBNL has also embarked on a wider site provider engagement initiative and at the heart of this is our Landlord Relationship Team.  As well as managing queries through our partners and suppliers, our dedicated team is here to provide tailored support for responding to queries, comments and complaints from our site provider community (via and the general public (via  We have also launched a live Site Provider Experience Survey on our website so comments and feedback can be shared with us any time.  MBNL will continue to facilitate better conversations with our site provider community and are committed to deliver on our positive engagement assurance and to drive continuous improvement in our ways of working.