The wait is almost over!  With the government’s recently announced roadmap for all parts of the country to come out of the current lockdown/restrictions, we surely have reasons to get excited as we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel just as Spring has arrived.  Again, we wanted to thank you for your continued support in facilitating access to our telecommunications apparatus throughout this challenging period.  Your cooperation has enabled us to keep the UK’s mobile networks running to support the new way of life under the COVID-19 pandemic.

On 8 March, England started a phased lifting of the nationwide lockdown based on the government’s four-step roadmap back to a more normal life. See full government guidance:

As the country pours in a huge amount of effort and resources into getting communities, individuals as well as businesses on track back to normality, it is vital that we continue to keep our mobile networks running to support a smooth recovery.  For instance, we are expecting surges in demand and changes in where and how people are using mobile services as we ease back into a more normal life.  Our priority remains to ensure reliable and high-quality mobile connectivity throughout the UK as well as supporting the effective operations of emergency services such as the NHS and the Emergency Services Network (ESN).

To that end, your continued support remains crucial to enabling us to attend to critical repair and upgrade works in a timely manner in order to minimise the impact on the user communities, be it for work, pleasure or to support the emergency services.  We will continue to put the health and safety of our employees, partners, the general public, and not least yourself at the forefront of all that we do.

We appreciate that preparing for coming out of the lockdown may just be as demanding as entering one, that’s why our colleagues and partners are on hand to offer assistance with ensuring your site’s access arrangements are in good shape.  Please keep us updated on any temporary or permanent changes to the access arrangements to the telecoms site located on your property.  We will be able to provide support by discussing the means of access with you and helping to facilitate the relevant arrangements.

Please email (stating the premises name and postcode in the subject heading) to tell us of any changes to your “call out” procedure, or any assistance you need. We would also like to remind you that we require the ability to obtain the same level of access during the Easter public holidays (2 – 5 April).

Thank you.