Buy-in agreement signed

Significant Shareholder buy-in agreement signed. EE agree that H3G can use more of EE’s unilateral sites for H3G’s 4G

Hardy Ops


Hardy Ops Transition & Transformation commenced

Post Covid


MBNL’s office locations re-open post Covid & become hubs for our people to reconnect & collaborate

Hardy OSS


Hardy OSS Build Programme underway


EE launches UK’s first 5G network

New HQ

MBNL moves to brand new HQ in the heart of Reading

EE joins BT

The telecoms landscape is changing. EE joins the BT group in Jan 2016

The MBNL Way

MBNL focuses on our people and process with the launch of the MBNL Way

Ambitious Plans

MBNL continue to focus on the mission with ambitious plans for 2014-2016. Circa 18k RAN sites and the network now carries 75% of UK mobile data traffic