Ongoing importance of the telecoms industry in keeping the UK connected

As England enters a second nationwide lockdown, and tiered lockdowns/tighter restrictions are put in place in other parts of the UK, MBNL wish to pay tribute to every single key worker in the UK for their amazing contributions and unwavering dedication during this tremendously challenging period, particularly all the NHS staff and Emergency Services teams.

The Government recognises the ongoing importance of the telecommunications industry, including mobile networks, at this critical time and has therefore designated the industry as one of the critical sectors in new government regulations and legislation for dealing with the pandemic. Telecommunications workers have also been given “key worker” status as government guidance states that network operators must be able to rectify network outages promptly and to mitigate any effects of network degradation over the duration of this emergency period.

Like the last nationwide lockdown, the country is unequivocally reliant on digital communications. We are extremely proud to be part of the UK’s telecommunications industry which has united in an impressive collective effort to maintain the integrity of our national communications networks to keep individuals and businesses connected during these difficult times. With the exceptional work and effort of our MBNL colleagues and partners, as well as the continued support from our site provider community, we will continue to deliver and maintain the much-needed resilient network performance to help the nation to get through the pandemic and level up for recovery afterwards.

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