MBNL welcomes the publication today of a new report by Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) Upwardly Mobile: How the UK can gain the full benefits of the 5G revolution’ which warns that the UK’s “levelling up” agenda and Covid-19 recovery could be at risk if 5G rollout veers off track.  The report, supported by Speed Up Britain, points out that targeted amendments to the Government’s Electronic Communications Code could speed up 5G rollout and provide a £41 billion boost to the UK economy by 2027.  Failure to do so could cost the UK tens of billions of pounds in lost economic output and cause 11 million households and businesses to miss out on receiving the mobile speed they need.  Better connectivity is fundamental to levelling up the UK and reforming the Electronic Communications Code is one of the key enablers.  MBNL is proud to be part of Speed Up Britain helping to campaign for better mobile connectivity in every part of the UK. Read the report here